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Forty year old heterosexual father of four, married to a thirty-two year old bisexual mother of two.  Tolerant of all educated views and founded opinions.  Intolerant of elitism, cronyism, separatism, and republican forms of government.  Opponent of indirect “representation.”  Proponent of democratic government and direct representation. Unabashed and unapologetic advocate for equal rights and equal responsibilities.  Have no qualms about directly posing tough questions to those most likely to attempt to ignore me.  Undeterred and non-defeatist.  I am the governed  and a government which is destructive at every level to effect my safety and happiness no longer has my consent to be governed.  I believe firmly in calling things as I see them and further believe those offended likely deserve to suffer offenses far greater than words offer.  Always willing to engage in educated debate and discussion. Never willing to engage trolls or those with closed minds.


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